The Maxcebo® Method

The Maxcebo® Method

A holistic approach combining science, psychology and spirituality with easy-to-follow action steps.

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The Academy

The Academy

Online wellbeing education experience, live lessons, distance learning and independent study.

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The Founders

The Founders

We believe wellbeing is the cornerstone to unlocking the greatness within you.

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A Brief Introduction

Mission Statement

The Maxcebo® Academy is a pioneer in wellbeing education. Our proprietary accredited courses and programs teach holistic balance, understanding and connection, enabling students to thrive and educate others, by first, educating themselves.

Our mission is to become a cooperation network of wellbeing educators through the knowledge and understanding of The Maxcebo® Method, changing lives by helping others to change theirs.

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Qualification Flexibility

Our Popular Courses

Explore all our courses and choose to enrol straight away, or contact us for help to start your wellbeing journey with us.


6 Secrets to Fast Track Your Creativity

The first of its kind digital course is based on the Maxcebo® Method and is a step by step holistic program designed to connect you to your deeper creative self, to enable you to become your very best supporter.


RSL Level 4 Diploma in Holistic Wellbeing Coaching

RSL Level 4 Qualifications: Giving you the knowledge to change your life and then go on to change others’ lives. Giving you the opportunity to work as a freelance tutor with great earnings potential.


RSL Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Wellbeing

RSL Level 3 Qualifications in Holistic Wellbeing have been designed to sit alongside the other creative industry qualification suites (Performing Arts, Music, Digital Media).


Holistic Wellbeing Coaching Course

Giving you the knowledge to change your life and then go on to help others change theirs.

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Select any module or unit from either Holistic Wellbeing Course

This affordable pay as you go option, enables you to select the modules of interest to you and is an attendance fee only.


Holistic Wellbeing Course

Giving you the knowledge to change your life and all the skills you need to cope in a stressful environment.


Mentoring Programme

Music Business and General Business Mentoring with Bob James. Step into who you were meant to be!

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Identifying Your Artist DNA Masterclass

Before you start any marketing or promotion this is the essential step most people miss!


The Transformational Club

Find your highest power and wellbeing.

Enrolment Check List and Guide

To ensure our students are fully prepared for enrolment, we have put together a checklist and guide for reference.

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Distance Learning

Build Your Skills Online, Anytime

The Maxcebo® Wellbeing Academy Ltd was set up to deliver the RSL accredited courses that we authored, as part of a new, online wellbeing education experience, combining live lessons, distance learning and independent study.

Grow your knowledge and your opportunities with the Maxcebo® Method

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About Us About Us
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COURSE Instructors

Meet Our World-class Instructors

Our qualified instructors offer a wealth of experience, allowing us to deliver coaching and training to the highest standards.

Rachel Parga

I am a professionally trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner & Mindfulness Coach. I also have accredited training and qualifications in counselling children and adolescents, child psychology and education.

Helping people understand who they are and how best to achieve the life they truly want to live, is more than a passion for me. My life hasn’t always been as wonderful as it is now and so I understand not only what it’s like to feel the grip of internal chaos but also what it takes to live a more meaningful, happier and fulfilling life.

I love music and I have worked as a professional vocalist-musician performer in the entertainment industry for over 20 years both in the UK and abroad. As a creative, I totally empathise with how the creative mind often sees the world a little differently and how best to navigate through the difficulties this mindset can often experience.

Being able to share my knowledge and skills through holistic education is more than a career choice, it is love made visible to me and I hope you enjoy the learning experience as much as I enjoy the teaching. 

Best wishes, Rachel

Bob James

I am a PGCert qualified teacher, mentor, life coach, mindfulness tutor and creative industry specialist.

​I have known what it is like to grow a company to a multimillion-pound turnover, I have also experienced having to close companies and let people go. Failure is great feedback and no matter what part of your life curve you are on, you need to learn how to manage your mind.

As a teacher, mentor and public speaker I have worked for or presented sessions for BIMM Institute, University of Surrey, Bucks New University, Henley Business School, Leeds College of Music, Confetti/Nottingham Trent University, The Songwriting Academy, Music Academy (Bologna), ACM, and Platform One amongst many others.

Having been an active music manager for many years I have learnt a lot about how people need support not only in business but also with their mental health and wellbeing. The creative industries can be harsh and before entering (or whilst in) these industries you need to learn how to understand the psychological pressures you are under, be your authentic self and be able to trust other people. 

These courses are a culmination of my life’s experience and so are very close to my heart, and it is my deepest wish that as many people as possible hear this life-changing information so they can benefit not only for themselves but also for others.

Best regards, Bob