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Student feedback Score – 5 out 5:

Feedback for Online Wellbeing Session and Chaos to Calm Anxiety Workshop delivered bu Bob James and Rachel Parga via Zoom May 2020 and January 2021 Client: Confetti/Nottingham Trent University​

“I found this meeting very useful. I have always struggled a lot with believing in myself and low self-esteem. I think the advice of telling myself "I am" rather than "I want to be" will be very helpful in boosting my self-image and help me achieve want I want to achieve. Thank you!”

“I understand about change because as an autistic person, I have been upset many times throughout my life. Thanks to the workshop, it made an outlook on life accepting change as a whole.”

“I thought it was really useful, it was good to learn about the different mindfulness techniques”

“I study and practice a lot of these techniques anyway. I love that your goal is to get it into the school system. These things should be taught as a matter of course. Thanks for getting it out there.”

“I found it very useful and was useful in how they explained everything they taught. Having practical examples that were quick and easy to follow and can be used by anyone was really good. Obviously, if more time was available I would have enjoyed trying to do the meditating but time was against them”

“Helped me better understand how positive thinking can have an overall impact on your life”

“I suffer from anxiety and I’ve never really sat and thought about it and I have learnt new things."

"It has been interesting I have actually learned something new"

"It offered more helpful tips for dealing with anxiety and stress that could possibly be effective"

"I liked it a lot. I found it very useful. It just brought up a lot of issues that I already had. Thank you for it though. There are some useful tips that can really benefit people who have been struggling to deal with it"

"Hopefully the students take the information on board! It's useful coming from external professionals."

"I learnt that anxiety isn't just a me problem"

"given me tools to stay calm and made me aware of myself"

"It has informed me of certain practices and topics to look into to help with my personal anxiety. Hopefully opening the door to a path of more positive thought"